General Selling Conditions

Minimum amount for an order: € 350,00.- (VAT excluded)

We will get and confirm your order with the current prices.

The available goods will be during the next 72 hours, after our confirmation and the potential remains will be shipped how indicated on the paper consigned together the delivery note.

The package can not be opened.

The shipped goods belong to Mendola S.A.S. until they will be not totally paid.

All communications are required in writing by fax to 0471 202758 or by email to our address:

The Payment modality expected is by bank transfer, with 5% discount. 

Cost of transportation:

- with special rate for order with a minimum amount of € 350,00.- (excluded VAT)

- carriage free for order with an amount above € 5.000,00.- (excluded VAT) and destination in Italy.


The responsibility of the transportation of our goods belongs to the consignee. In the case of anomalies, it is necessary acceptance "with reserve" and it is essential to indicate on the bill of the courier". Date and signature are always worthy of mention. In case of damages, please send within and NOT OVER the next five days the bulletin of the courier and a damaged goods list.

Complaints over these terms can not be accepted.